The Cyber Record is a living compilation of fan-made Werewolf: The Apocalypse glyphs and lore presented for easy reference.

Official sacred sites are being added to a Google Map for reference, accessible in the Atlas.

Additionally, the project is expanding to include the saga of fan-run Chronicles and characters in a digital Mnesis.

This site is under heavy construction - expect wyld behaviour in the format and presentation until it is complete!

The Latest

The Cyber Record site-wide updates -

The Cyber Record is moving to a new free host that will be at

This site will have the link to redirect people there once it is live.

Atlas updates -

Now includes a template for submitting your custom locations to be added to Rage Across Google Maps!

The "Map Companion" Google Sheet is up, and up to date with all official entries (and some custom entries) that are in RAGM so far!

The following map pins were moved to coordinates more accurate to the available information, with more likely to be moved on further reading and updates:

  • “Lake Moutniy Caern” was moved closer to what is presumably the actual lake question.
  • “Namorrkan Caern” was relocated to a more likely position based on further research, details are in its spreadsheets note, under the Location, Region column.
  • “Battle Mountain Caern” was relocated closer to what the curator believes is the actual position based on further research, details are in its spreadsheets note, under the Location, Region column.
  • “Sept of the Etesian Wind" moved from a position west of Mit Yazid, to the center of Tanta.
  • “Sept of the First Rage” moved from a position near Mount Olds to about a 100 miles directly north of Vancouver.
  • “Sept of the Last Stone” moved from a field near Kafr Saad into the middle of Damietta itself.
  • “Sept of the Ocean’s Gifts” moved from the shore near New Brunswick (USA, New Jersey) to the shore of Canada, New Brunswick, which is actually Mi’kmaq territory.
  • “Sept of Rippling Flame” moved from the Valley of Fire to the Muddy Mountains range.
  • “Sept of the Second Night” moved closer to Asyut itself.
  • “Sept of the Tri-Spiral” moved to be more equidistant between Newgrange, Dowth, and Knowth sites.
  • “Sept of the Whispering Shadows” moved from Alexandria to Cairo.
  • “Thunderstrike Sept” moved closer to the Urals.
  • “Winter Forest Sept” moved from Far East Federal District to north of the Putorana Nature Reserve in the Siberian Federal District.
  • “Hive of the Melted Sands” moved north from the housing area to the Maralinga test ground itself.


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